Contingency Search

    Sometimes it only makes sense to pay when the process is complete and your new hire is on board.  Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for companies looking to fill mid-level positions on a non-confidential basis.  contingency-1

    Fees for contingency searches are based on 25-30% of the candidates first years Anticipated Annual Salary, however this can vary depending on the geographical location being sourced, the industry and the specific talent that is being recruited, as well as the number of positions being filled. 

    At SMR Services Group, we treat contingency recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion.

    Candidates in a contingency search are usually identified through an existing database or from public job boards.  The search process is usually less structured than with a retained search, and less about an exact “fit” and more about getting potentially qualified candidates in front of the client so that the client can make his or her own final assessment.

    Should a candidate, placed by SMR, on a contingency search, be terminated for cause within 90 days of placement, SMR guarantees to provide a replacement search.

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