Retained Search

    A retained search is particularly appropriate when your position or project is urgent, and the new hire will have a significant impact on your companies performance, or if new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed.
    A retained search option represents a commitment from both parties and sends a strong message to your potential candidates that the company highly values this opportunity.

    retained-1For when you need SMR to dedicate their efforts to your specific needs and your positions need to be filled in a specific and critical time frame, SMR charges a fee that is equivalent to 25% of the placed candidates first Years Anticipated Annual Salary, including bonuses and/or premiums.

    The retainer fee is charged for consulting services that is not contingent on the hiring of a candidate.  One-half of the fee is due when the assignment begins, and the remaining balance is then due upon the candidates start date.

    Should a candidate, placed by SMR Services Group, Inc, on a retained search, be terminated for cause within 90 days of placement, SMR guarantees to provide a replacement search at no additional charge.

     Retainer -VS- Contingency

    Contingency recruiting can be very effective for high- volume, low skill, or low impact positions. In these circumstances, there is no compelling argument to employ the stringent practices of a retained targeted search firm.  However, for high- impact positions, it makes more sense to pay a qualified professional firm to commit trained, experienced and motivated resources to a process designed to identify and attract the best candidates in the business.

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