At SMR SERVICES GROUP, we believe that candidates are clients too. When you contact a potential employer, it is very important your experience and credentials are reviewed by the person who will actually hire you. Even if you are an outstanding candidate, when you send your resume to a company it will not initially be reviewed by the hiring manager.

Our recruiters can provide critical and accurate advice on preparing a resume that gets results, identifies potential employers, prepares you for interviews and negotiates the best package. We are here to make the process of introducing you to our clients as effective and efficient as possible. We therefore share our expertise in capturing your professional value in ways that are pertinent, concise and well articulated, both verbally and on paper.


  • Established client contacts with outstanding and well known companies from coast to coast.
  • Guidance on resume development and formatting, as well as interview preparation.
  • Experience and expertise in negotiation of compensation and benefits packages.
  • All personal and professional information you share with us, such as your resume and/or other credentials, is always kept in the strictest of confidence during the recruiting process.
  • We will never disclose your information to a potential employer without your consent.

We work on behalf of our clients to create the perfect match between the professionals we find and the teams we build, creating mutually beneficial relationships that flourish in the long term and drive success for all involved.

Our team of professional recruiters work to understand where you came from in your career, identify what you are looking for in the future, and present opportunities for you to succeed and make a true impact in your work.

If you are a passionate, motivated, highly talented and seasoned professional, we want to hear from you! Take a look at our current openings, or submit your resume to learn about new opportunities in the future.

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